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💔Signs of Clinical Depression in children

Unlike adults, children often hide their feelings in fear of the reaction they may get from their parents, caregivers, siblings or friends. In some ways though, a child often displays many of the same characteristics of depression, as an adult.

Here are some of the more obvious patterns/behavior of clinically depressed children :

⚠️Frequent sadness ⚠️Outbursts of anger and rage ⚠️Inflicting self harm, like overdosing on pills, medicines, harmful chemicals that can be found around the house, slashing their wrists or attempting suicide ⚠️Isolation for often extended periods of time ⚠️Loss of interest in their hobbies or things they once loved doing ⚠️Poor school performance ⚠️Frequently getting sick due to diminished immunity ⚠️Change in eating and sleep pattern

If you know of a child who clearly has the above mentioned symptoms, it is absolutely necessary to get them the help that they need.

I MUST ADD - I'm a firm believer that heavy doses of medication WILL NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM. I'm not asking you to take your child to a Psychologist or Psychiatrist and have them go onto medication that they will need for the rest of their lives. I'm asking you to seek SPIRITUAL HOLISTIC help.