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What is Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression Therapy is a gentle hypnotic experience in which a client is encouraged to quiet the mind, in order to focus and remember past experiences from previous births. According to Vedic tradition, we have lived many lives prior to this one. And in those lives, we accumulated and experienced various karmas. Some of these karmas have been carried onward into this life. They may have been traumatic and painful, and hence remembering them can help us understand certain tendencies that we unknowingly exhibit in this lifetime. Past Life Regression Therapy is used to heal trauma and pain, so that we break the bonds of karma and free ourselves from experiencing the negative experiences again and again.

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How does PLRT work?

The client is asked to relax, in a deep meditative state, where they are given a set of  verbal instructions to follow. These instructions encourage the client to gain focus of their mind, through which they will then begin to remember their past lives experiences. As they recall these experiences, they are encouraged to witness them with non-judgment, but simply to observe what is happening. The session is then shifted to healing the client by helping them understand where their tendencies and patterns have started, and how to find peace with them, with the knowledge of their past life.

How can I benefit from PLRT?

If you've ever wondered why you behave in a certain way, or even have irrational fears for example, chances are these are influenced by the experiences of your past lives. Similarly, if you find yourself attracting the same repetitive types of people in your life, or you have the same kinds of trauma or pain in every relationship, it is most likely to be from karma that you've carried from unfinished business in your past. These sessions are meant to help you understand your past life karma and make appropriate changes to fixing the negative patterns that you've brought with you into this life. 

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What can PLRT treat?

Past Life Regression Therapy is used to treat problems that are often times difficult to diagnose with conventional methods. It is useful in treating many mental and emotional health issues, such as depression, anxiety, fear, psychosis etc. PLRT heals trauma and pain, be it physical or mental. 

How can I get a PLRT session?

Our Past Life Regression Therapy sessions will resume shortly. These are done via Skype and do not require you to come into our offices. You can book a session on our Booking Page.

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