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Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) Consultation

Let Vedic Astrology Answer Your Most Difficult Questions

  • 30 minutes
  • 155 US dollars
  • SKYPE - ZOOM - WHATSAPP (Will be discussed prior to appointment)

Service Description

Delve into the cosmic realm and gain profound insights into your life's questions with our Vedic Astrology / Jyotish Prashna Reading. This unique and enlightening session allows you to ask any question that weighs on your heart and mind. Guided by the ancient wisdom of Vedic Astrology, Dr. Sashina will analyze the planetary configurations at the time of the reading to provide you with deep insights and answers. In a Prashna reading, the celestial energies are consulted to gain clarity on specific queries, offering a snapshot of the cosmic forces influencing your circumstances. Whether you seek guidance on love, career, relationships, finance, or any other area of your life, the sacred knowledge of Vedic Astrology will unveil the hidden patterns and illuminate the path forward. Dr. Sashina's expertise and intuitive abilities in Jyotish enable her to interpret the planetary positions, aspects, and transits, providing you with profound guidance and understanding. Embrace this opportunity to align yourself with the divine wisdom of the stars and receive empowering insights that can shape your decisions and actions. Experience the transformative power of our Vedic Astrology / Jyotish Prashna Reading and tap into the vast reservoir of cosmic knowledge, unlocking the answers and guidance you seek. Allow the celestial forces to guide you on your journey, as you uncover the hidden truths that will illuminate your path to fulfillment and success. Disclaimer : This consultation is conducted LIVE on Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp as per our arrangement during your allocated appointment slot. No shows or late appointments will not be rescheduled. If you require a change in your appointment date/time, please email us at least 48 hours before your appointment. We reserve the right to reject or cancel any appointments as per our discretion.

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