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Angel Healing Reading

Psychic channeling of the Divine Angels to aide in healing your deepest wounds.

  • 45 minutes
  • 155 US dollars
  • SKYPE - ZOOM - WHATSAPP (Will be discussed prior to appointment)

Service Description

Gain profound insights into your life's path and embark on a spiritual journey with our Angel Healing Reading. This sacred and intuitive session connects you with the divine realm, allowing you to receive guidance, healing, and clarity from angelic energies. Our gifted psychic Dr. Sashina, with her heightened intuitive abilities, serves as a bridge between the earthly and angelic realms, providing you with transformative messages and spiritual guidance. Through this unique reading, you will experience a deep connection with your guardian angels, archangels, and spirit guides, who offer their loving support and wisdom. Receive guidance on important life decisions, clarity on your soul's purpose, and healing for emotional wounds. These angelic messages bring comfort, reassurance, and inspiration as you navigate life's challenges and celebrate its joys. Embrace the powerful healing energies that come through this reading, allowing them to uplift your spirit, align your energy, and open doors to divine blessings. Connect with the angelic realm and embrace the transformative power of our Angel Healing Reading, as you embark on a journey of spiritual growth, illumination, and divine guidance. Disclaimer : This consultation is conducted LIVE on Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp as per our arrangement during your allocated appointment slot. No shows or late appointments will not be rescheduled. If you require a change in your appointment date/time, please email us at least 48 hours before your appointment. We reserve the right to reject or cancel any appointments as per our discretion.

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