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You have this body - You are NOT this body! There is a difference!

Whether you identify as a male or female - this body is simply a materialization of your past life karma. It doesn't define who you really are. Who you are, is a soul. A soul having a human experience in this lifetime as either a man or a woman. When you realize this fact, you will understand that men and women are then equal. The costume on the outside is different, but the substance within is the same. We are all here on a journey to experience life as a particular gender, but not to be limited by it.

Too often, men are taught to suppress their emotions, simply because 'Men don't cry...Men aren't weak'. That is utter nonsense. Men are also creatures of emotion. So why should a man not cry if he's feeling distraught or down? In Ayurveda, the suppression of tears leads to heart failure and heart disease - a disorder more commonly seen in men! Now you can understand why!

In the same way, just because a woman is traditionally a nurturer and often times becomes a mother and the keeper of her home, doesn't mean that when finances get tough, she cannot go out and work to keep the home afloat. A woman's role is not to sit at home, and be 'subservient' to anyone. She has just as much capability to earn money like a man if necessary for survival.

Men and women should have the same rights. As my guru Sadhguru has taught - your genital organs are only useful in the bedroom (for the purpose of reproduction) and the bathroom. In every other scenario, you're just as equal to any other being on this planet.

So treat everyone fairly. You are no different from them.