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Why cause yourself more suffering?

Forgiving someone is so far from being an act of weakness. It takes a strong person to forgive. Most people find it easier to hide behind the anger, rather than deal with it and get it over with. The reason most people attract more of the same behavior back into their lives, is simply because they cannot forgive the hurt they feel from a particular person. In reality, every person who hurts us, has a duty to perform so that we experience our karma.

I know this is a bitter pill to swallow, but it is the truth. Every person that comes into your life to hurt you, is only here to give you the experience you caused to someone else in another lifetime. This is how the cycle of karma works. What you do, feel and think gets imprinted on the subconscious, which you carry with your soul from birth to birth.

The only way to clear your path of experiencing pain, is to forgive the person doing it to you. It is in understanding that the person is only being used as an instrument by the Universe, to deliver a karma to you. By acknowledging this fact, you are taking responsibility for your karma. And when you take responsibility, own up to what you've done (either in this lifetime, or previous ones), and forgive the ones who've hurt you, you will then break the cycle.

So take a moment today, to look in the mirror and speak to yourself. Tell YOURSELF first, that you are sorry for whatever misdeeds you've done in previous lifetimes. Ask your soul and subconscious for forgiveness for your unawareness. And then envision each person who has hurt you, and ask for their forgiveness for whatever you've done to them in previous lifetimes. Then, allow yourself to forgive them for the pain they've caused you now. This is how you let it go.

Practice this daily until you slowly begin to break the painful patterns and free yourself from the bondage of past life karma.