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What on earth do you mean I have poverty consciousness? I'm not poor!

A poverty consciousness is the belief that you need to hold onto money, or other material possessions, because you may not get to experience or enjoy it again. This is something that's very common amongst people, without many even knowing it.

It is a very limiting belief, and is the main reason people are financially stuck. It's hard to let go of the feeling - I know, but if you become aware of the fear you have around money or your material items being used or lost, the easier it will become to loosen up a little bit.

There is plenty in the Universe for you. When you open up and freely let go of the control, you will allow the Universe to give you more.

So the next time you're paying for something, don't hold onto resentment when you're giving away your money. Do it with happiness and bless the person/business receiving it. When you do this, you will attract more money and abundance. Remember, what you put out, is what you get back.