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What is the purpose of meditation?

Meditation seems like the latest trend on the market, but little do most people know, meditation is actually an ancient component of Ayurvedic medicine and Yoga.

Meditation has come to mean various things based one convenience. To achieve the highest sense of calm, one must be able to meditate in complete silence. Listening to guided instructions can be helpful, but more often than not, it is distracting. The whole purpose of meditation is to quiet the mind, and observe the thoughts. Listening to someone else speak, defeats the purpose of meditation.

With that being said, it is at times rather difficult to sit still and listen to yourself breathe. For someone constantly on the move, doing things, this is a challenging task. It is going against the way your body and mind is programmed.

But this is just it. This is the purpose of meditation. It is to bring yourself to a state of calm and stillness. During this time, you simply need to enjoy your time alone.

Being alone scares many people. It really does come down to your personality type. But if you truly want to achieve the benefits of meditation, you must strive slowly to remain silent and cultivate stillness for longer periods of time.

Start out with 5 minutes, and gradually progress to atleast an hour. Use this meditation time to breathe deeply and observe your thoughts. Do not try to stop or judge them. Just spend time thinking.

If there are things that surface on your mind that need correction, reflect upon how you might do that. Becoming conscious of oneself is the true purpose of meditation.