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'Then' never comes...

Gosh, have I been guilty of this or what! Hoarding precious things for the special occasion which somehow never seems to come around. How many clothes do you have in your closet, that still have their tags? Purses? Handbags? Jewellery? Makeup? Shoes? Dishes? Tools? Cars parked in the garage that only come out on the weekends? The list is endless.

We all do this! We save things for this occasion or that special moment, and refuse to use our pretty little things otherwise.

But why do we do this? Is it because we don't want to ruin it? We are afraid we'll run out and not have enough? This is 'poverty consciousness'. The fear that we must hoard this item because it is rare and we'll never get it again. Or we are not worthy of using it now, but MAYBE in the future we will be, so we'll save it for THEN!


So take a moment to think about the things you've got hidden away in your closet. Take it out, dust it off, and start using it. Life is far too short and unpredictable to WAIT for the PERFECT MOMENT. That perfect moment is NOW. Tomorrow may never come!