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Let's be real - You have too much stuff!

Have you ever felt exhausted and lifeless for no exact reason. You just cannot seem to figure out why you feel so tired and unenthusiastic. Well, one of the greatest reasons we feel weak is because we are either drained of energy, or surrounded by negative energy. You must keep in mind that everything holds energy. The clothes you're wearing right now, hold the energy of today. If you wear them again tomorrow, you're taking today's energy into your experience tomorrow. So say, you have a pretty bad day today - you feel angry or betrayed by someone, or maybe you feel sick - your clothing, jewellery, bed, sofa, food and everything else you've interacted with, ALSO has that energy. The longer you hold onto these items with that stagnant, hurt energy, the longer you're going to suffer the effects. So start cleansing your energy now, by decluttering your environment. Give away the things that no longer spark joy in your life, or things you just don't use anymore. Bless those items and send them on their way to someone who can benefit from them.

When you do this, you receive two benefits - good karma of giving something to someone who can really use it, plus you clear out stagnant energy. In this way, you make room for more wonderful things to come into your life.

Remember, hoarding things is a sign of a poverty mindset. You've got to let that go. There's plenty in the universe. If you're giving away something you're not using now, you can always replace it with something better in the future, when you know you are going to use it. So don't hold onto stuff, just because you don't think you're gonna get it again. The universe has a wonderful way of helping you fill up the space you've created with brand new things and opportunities for growth. But it cannot do that, unless you create the SPACE.