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It doesn't matter how many shrines you worship!

How you pray or who you pray to, is a matter of personal preference. But one thing is for sure, if you cannot treat everyone and everything around you with utmost respect, you might as well not pray.

True spirituality is about accepting that the Divine source of energy is within each and everyone of us. Whether it is an ant on the ground, or the Pope! We are all beautiful creations of God.

When you salute someone with a 'Namaste', always remember what you are actually saying - 'The Divine Soul within me, recognizes the Divine Soul within you'. So don't use the term loosely. It has sacred meaning. And unless you are truly willing to look at everyone and everything as your equal, you should not utter the phrase.

Running to temples, mosques, churches etc to worship is utterly useless if you cannot harbour love for your fellow man. So the next time you invest in expensive shrines, statues or outrageously crazy rituals to please your god, think about what positive you can do for your community first. It might be far better than the dogmatism of religion.