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How to Project the Right Energy | Prana | Finding peace

How often have you met a person and within seconds of meeting them, picked up on their energy? Maybe it was something they unconsciously did, that gave you a weird sensation and made the hair on your hands stand up. 

Often times, a person doesn’t even have to speak to you, for you to feel their energy. 

That is because we all operate on a frequency. We have a subtle energy called Prana. It is the underlying field of magnetism that we project out into the world, which binds us with the universe. 

When we feel upset, ill or distraught in some way, this energy field gets altered. There is a sense of imbalance. And when we interact with others, we project this imbalanced energy onto them. Similarly, when you are in tune with your highest self, you will instantly pick up on the type of energy a person is projecting. 

People oftentimes conceal their true emotions with words and actions. Why should we share our emotions with others? It is so much easier to just hide it by saying, ‘I’m fine’ or ‘Nothing is wrong’. But even behind the most beautiful smile, the tingling trickles of disturbed energy, protrudes out from our soul. 

The key to fixing this type of energy is to become aware of it.

Become conscious of your truth. Are your words and actions resonating with the way you’re feeling? There is nothing wrong with feeling upset or angry. But trying to hide these intense emotions does not resolve the imbalance you’re feeling. It simply masks it temporarily.

When you feel your prana depleted, take a step back and quiet yourself. Away from people and situations that involve stressful interactions. Close your eyes. And Breathe. Listen to your heart beat. Concentrate. 

Once you’ve calmed yourself down, think about the energy you are projecting. Don’t judge yourself. Just observe. Is this bringing you imbalance? If so, how are you going to change it? Close your eyes once more and breathe. Give yourself time, and the answers will find their way to you.

Remember, energy does not lie. Neither should you.


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