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Enjoy the silence.

There is nothing wrong with seeking solitude and enjoying silence. In fact, it is what we all should strive to achieve. Yapping all day about irrelevant crap, is something each one of us should eliminate. There are greater, more intelligent things to learn and talk about, instead of engaging in idle gossip. With the technological advances like we have today, there is no excuse for anyone to not use their time to learn and grow. When you improve your skills and talents, you will realize that it is better to spend time in silence and inner reflection.

Deep thinkers like these tend to be misconstrued for their quietness. They are often accused of being stuck up, acting smug or being rude. In reality though, these are the same people who've listened carefully to what you've said, analyzed you as a person and probably already have a well thought off solution for any problem you might have. And they do all this, in SILENCE.

So before you judge someone for being this way - take a step back and accept that maybe they're not much of a yapper, and that's OKAY!