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Are you even able to handle marriage or kids?

Before you rush to get married, or start producing little versions of yourself, please take a moment to think....am I ready for this? If you've got the jitters, and the thought makes you feel uneasy, upset or afraid, it might be better to hold off for a while and introspect as to why you feel this way. Are you being forced? Are you being rushed? Parents, family or society have a way of judging us if we're not married and haven't had kids by a certain age. And while that may have been necessary back in the day, things have changed nowadays. No one should ever feel rushed to make these decisions. They should fall into place naturally. Too many people are afraid of getting older and not finding that suitable partner, so they rush to marry the first person who shows interest in them. Some are concerned that their body clock is ticking and soon they will not be able to have children, so even though they are not mentally ready, they have children anyway! But you have to realize that these events are also governed by karma. You can't force it. And if you do, you're going to end up regretting it, hurting not only yourself, but everyone around you in the process. So don't rush these decisions. Take time to calm down and plan what you are going to do. If elders are putting pressure on you, it may be time to talk to them diplomatically and explain to them how you feel. Loving communication can change the way a lot of people react. And even if that doesn't work, remember - you are responsible for your own happiness. You can heed the advice of everyone, but the choice must be yours at the end of the day. Because only YOU are going to deal with the result of those choices.